Will my class transfer to another college?

MCC has several special agreements with Michigan colleges and universities that allow students to transfer directly into four-year or bachelor's degree programs. Students can view MCC's [Counseling][1] https://www.mcc.edu/transfer/index.shtml page to access [Course Equivalency][2] Lists http://www.mcc.edu/counseling_student_dev/casd_courseequal.shtml and [Transfer Guides][3] http://www.mcc.edu/articulation/trans_index.shtml, or students can view transfer course equivalencies through the [Michigan Transfer Network][4] web site www.michigantransfernetwork.org to determine if a class will transfer. Additional information is available in the [Counseling and Student Development][5] office, [Prahl College Center][6] (map of Flint Campus), Room 2030. ***Note:** It is recommended that students consult with the college they wish to transfer to to ensure a specific class will transfer, not only as credits, but into their **degree requirements**.* [1]: https://www.mcc.edu/transfer/index.shtml [2]: http://www.mcc.edu/counseling_student_dev/casd_courseequal.shtml [3]: http://www.mcc.edu/articulation/trans_index.shtml [4]: http://www.michigantransfernetwork.org/ [5]: http://www.mcc.edu/counseling_student_dev/casd_index.shtml [6]: http://www.mcc.edu/maps/3d_main.shtml
Published on: 2017-04-25 See other articles in Advising, Admissions.