What does the Learning Center offer?

MCC's [Learning Center][1] ([map of Flint Campus][2]) offers a number of support services including: - [Tutoring][3] - [Special Populations][4] - detailed information can be found on the [Learning Center web page.][5] - [Student Support Services][6] - detailed information can be found on the [Learning Center web page.][7] - College preparation program - Upward Bound. Visit the [Learning Center web page][8] or stop by the Learning Center for more information. We are located in the Prahl College Center PCC2280. [1]: http://www.mcc.edu/learning/lc_index.shtml [2]: http://www.mcc.edu/maps/3d_main.shtml [3]: http://www.mcc.edu/tutoring/tu_index.shtml [4]: http://www.mcc.edu/learning/lc_spec_pop_perkins.shtml [5]: http://www.mcc.edu/learning/lc_index.shtml [6]: http://www.mcc.edu/learning/lc_trio.shtml [7]: http://www.mcc.edu/learning/lc_index.shtml [8]: http://www.mcc.edu/learning/lc_index.shtml
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