What is an incomplete grade?

An Incomplete grade indicates that the student, for good reason, has not completed course requirements and grading has been temporarily suspended until they do. An "**I**", or incomplete, may be assigned **only** if all of the following apply: - The student has completed at least 75% of the class (excluding the final exam) but is unable to complete the class work because of unusual or unforeseen circumstances, and - The student has turned in passing work in the course, and - In the instructor’s judgment, the student can complete the required work without repeating the entire course. **Note: If your instructor agrees to an incomplete, you must abide by the terms outlined in the Incomplete Grade Contract. If you do not make up the work within one calendar year - you must accept the predetermined grade that the instructor would have assigned. There are no exceptions and grade changes will not be made after one calendar year.** You are not able to obtain an "I" after you have dropped the class.
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