Where are the handicapped parking spaces on Mott's Main campus?

The following map shows available handicapped parking on the Flint campus only. Please contact each branch campus directly for any special need accommodations. Clio (NTC): **(810)232-8044** Fenton (SLBC): **(810) 762-5000** Lapeer: **(810) 667-4166 or (810) 762-0970** ![Map of college][1] ***Note: You must have an appropriate handicap parking permit to park in designated areas. Without these permits, it is illegal to park in these areas and may result in fines and /or your vehicle being towed away at your expense.*** If you need a temporary handicap sticker, due to a recent illness or injury confirmed by a physician, please stop by Public Safety (noted on map above by the letter N). Have a physician's order along with make, model, and year of the car that will be parked on campus. The temporary handicap stickers are good for six weeks and are used for parking at Mott only. If you are in need of a permanent handicap sticker you will need to go through the local Secretary of State office. [1]: http://i68.tinypic.com/15psf3d.jpg
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