Why can't I register for E-Learning classes?

Students at MCC who have not **successfully completed** one (1) WWW, IMM or CMM course, will need to take a **Distance Learning Educational System orientation class**. *(DLES 100)* before you can register for online classes. Please contact the [eLearning][1] office at 810-762-0224 for assistance. There is no charge for this class the first time you register for it. **If you do not successfully complete the DLES course and you need to register to take the course again, there will be a $25.00 charge.** You can register for the course as many times as you need to successfully complete it - at a charge of $25 each time you register. If you are not able to register online for eLearning classes, and you **have** successfully completed the DLES orientation, there may be one of a few additional reasons for this. - If you have not completed at least one full semester - with final grades in the system - you are not able to register for classes online. However, you can still register for classes that are offered online. Simply meet with a counselor or advisor for assistance with registration. - It may also be because you are on [Academic Probation][2]. - Students on Academic Probation are not eligible to register for any e-learning courses. You can view your GPA on **[MCC4Me][3]**. Click on Transcript and scroll to the bottom of the page to view your GPA. If it is less than a 2.0, you may be on Academic Probation. Students on Academic Probation must register with a counselor or advisor. - The last reason you may not be able to register for an e-learning class would be if you owe the college money (past due balance). If you owe the college money, you will need to pay that balance in full before you can register for any class. If your account has been turned over to a collection agency and you no longer have their contact information, please call 810-762-0200. If your account has not been sent to a collection agency, you can pay your balance: - online through WebAdvisor. Click on Make a Payment, - in person at any campus location Cashier's office - mail a check, money order, or credit card information to: Mott Community College Cashier's Office 1401 East Court Street Flint, MI 48503 Once your balance is paid in full, please call 810-762-0200 so that we can clear the restriction on your account. You will then be able to register online (as long as none of the other situations apply to you). [1]: http://www.mcc.edu/elearning/ [2]: http://www.mcc.edu/financial_aid/fa_academic.shtml [3]: http://4me.mcc.edu
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